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Cien Good 2022 Donation to Tibet School

2022-12-08 | Blog

Built up a brand from scratch takes endeavor and luck. CIEN GOOD is a brand that built from nothing with great amount of luck.

CEO of CIEN GOOD started the first year of colleague with foundation of a local company, since then she was holding a dream that one day, she can do the same for other people, help them finish their study career, not forced to stop the study due to lack of money. This is where CIEN GOOD Foundation plan came out.

We believe that building up a business not just with one simple goal of making more profit, but also pay back society that support you in all way around, and this is the main reason CIEN GOOD decided to contribute 1% of the annual benefit to schools in underdeveloped area. This is where CIEN GOOD Foundation plan came out.

To provide necessities for students, like school bag, stationery, books and lunch fee etc. To donate tuition fee to prevent students from dropping off and complete their school study. To support volunteers in their daily life. To invigorate social attention, attract more and more people to this action in order to spread the good. CIEN GOOD Foundation, holding our hope that the little good can make the world bit different. Each partner/distributor working together with us is donating in the same way with us, contribute their part of good.


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