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RPET: sustainable life of water bottle to bags

2022-06-13 | Blog

As we are all trying to build a planet with less energy using and more sustainable future. Recycle all possible materials can turn old plastics into new treasure. RPET can be a perfect area to start with. 



Whenever you decided to buy a bottle of water to go, there is high chance it is made by PET. PET (which stands for polyethylene terephthalate) is a lightweight, resin-based polyester. PET made water bottle is perfect recycle subject, as it is made from oil and petrochemicals virgin material which is non-regenerated material. If gives this material a second life, means big amount of the oil and petrol energy will be saved. Elimination of the production of new bottles, can be great saving of the limited energy. Give bottles one time, twice, three-time life... by recycling it

RPET: sustainable life of water bottle to bags

Do you know that water bottle you got from your corner store can be made into bags? Water bottle after collecting, cleaning and remaking, can be spun into fabric to make different kinds of products like grocery bags, shopping bags, shoes and even clothes. Not like other items, ends up in the landfill at their useful life.


As more and more people, companies, brands are paying attention for sustainability of their products, RPET is becoming more and more popular. Companies want public to know that they are using more sustainable approaches to make their product, they prefer to label in out in their products. And consumers can make an informed decision, what company and products they support.


CIEN GOOD is partnering with recycling facilities, material suppliers and is using more recycled materials to make products, showing customers that they’re committed to sustainability while making a positive difference for our planet.

RPET: sustainable life of water bottle to bags


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