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Present Cien Good on TV

2024-06-13 | Blog

Keep Learning and Never Stopped Growing

In this rapid market changing world the only thing does not change is changing itself. In order to keep up the trend, Cien Good never stopped learning new technique to help the company grow.

During 2015 and 2022, Cien Good is 100% reply on third party platform, in order to not put the all eggs in same basket, we need to search for alternative solution for promote ourselves. Year 2021, we jointed Program of " Digital Marketing Incubation Program" organized by Hangzhou municipal, learning how to do the advertisement online, setting up our own website to be better present ourselves. 

During one month learning program, we gained a lot of techniques that can better promote our company online, got more visitors of our website and won our first order. Due to great performance during the season, we had a chance to present our company in Provincial TV station. Can know about us via this interview:

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